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RHZKF 6L/60 air breathing apparatus

Technology & Parameters:

Cylinders volume Cylinders work pressure Largest gas flow Respiratory resistance Alarm pressure The weight (lightest configuration) Reference use time
exhale Breathe in
3.0L ≤30MPa ≥1000L/min ≤1000Pa ≤500Pa 5.5±0.5M Pa 6.2KG 30 minutes
6.0L ≤30MPa ≥1000L/min ≤1000Pa ≤500Pa 5.5±0.5M Pa 13.1KG 60 minutes
6.8L ≤30MPa ≥1000L/min ≤1000Pa ≤500Pa 5.5±0.5M Pa 7.5KG 68 minutes
9.0L ≤30MPa ≥1000L/min ≤1000Pa ≤500Pa 5.5±0.5M Pa 9.1KG 90 minutes

Positive pressure air respirator RHZKF can be widely used in fire fighting, petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, ship, police, public security, etc.


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