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Fire Fighting Breathing Apparatus

Key Specifications/Special Features:

Open-air self-contained breathing apparatus
This series of products are widely used in fire fighting, chemical industry, shipbuilding, petroleum, metallurgy, electricity, warehouses, laboratories, mines and other departments, for firefighters or emergency rescue personnel in smoke, gas, steam and oxygen and other conditions can be safe and effective conduct of fire fighting, disaster relief and rescue work, firefighters, and rescue and ambulance personnel to ideal of personal respiratory protection equipment

Air cylinder volume: 6.8L
Air storage capacity: 2,040L
Alarm pressure: 50 to 60 bars
Normal working pressure: 300 bars
Automatic open type air breathing device
Can help fireman or ambulance men to safely extinguish fire
To safely deal with emergency or carry out rescue work in adverse circumstances, where there are full of dense smoke, poisonous gas, steam and lack of oxygen
Equipped with complete face mask that transparent, has nice air tightness and gives wide field of vision
Equipped with air supply valve that small, light and has stable performance
Adopts high strength backboard and high pressure air tank that has high coefficient of safety
Relief valve unit equipped with residual air volume warning that can send out noise and other acoustic signals to call operator attention to leave job site in time

Applications: suitable for fire fighting, chemical industry, ships, vessel, petroleum, smelting and mine industries

Smoke hypoxia and there is gas, smoke, steam pollution
Atmospheric environment: -30 to 60°C
Relative humidity: 0 to 100% RH
Atmospheric pressure: 70 to 125kPa of atmospheric environment

Weight: 17kg

Carton size: 730 x 300 x 450mm


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