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Marine Electric Gyrocompass BMMEENPGC-01

Applied to in speed up to 70nm ship, used for testing the direction and indicating course.

1. The design of the product and performance fully comply with the relevant standards IMO
2. The design of the product and performance fully comply with ship bridge centralized control system requirements
3. Has the time relay start function
4. Long service life, high precision performance
5. Low power consumption
6. Quickly follow rate
7. With external heading sensor interface
8. Rapid serial output data fits NMEA0183 (IEC6112-2) standard


1. Power:
Main power: AC100/110/220V 1ф50/60Hz
Emergency power: DC24V

2. Power consumption:
Start: 140VA
operate: 70VA
compass repeater: 150VA 1/6º (three phases nine ports)

3. Output signal:
DC24V step by step, take nine points compass and repeater (including autopilot).
IEC61162-1 Ed. 2 or IEC61162-2, 5 a port (including autopilot)
Speed: - 5 v ~ + 5 v / 30 ° / min (- 10 v ~ + 10 v / 120 °or 300 °/ min 3 port)
Contact control (operation and alarm system)

4. Input signal:
Speed signal: each sea 200 or 400 pulse (contact control)
Position signal (GPS) : IEC61162-1 led. 2
External sensor input signal: IEC61162-1 led. 2 or IEC61162-2
Contact control (alarm recognition and noise damping)

5. Technical parameters:
Stabilize precision
Stable time: less than 4 hours
Stable point error: less than ± 0.3º
RSM value: less than 0.1º
Repeatability: less than ±0.2º
Dial gauge accuracy: less than ±0.5º
Compass follow speed: maximum 75º/S
Environment change accuracy: less than ±0.5º
Allowable shake angle: ±45º


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