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Marine Radar BMMEENPRA-004

This product to meet IMO convention for from small patrol boat, fishing boat to all kinds of transport ships and ocean steamer, etc.
Various kinds of tonnage ship's different demands.


Main technical parameters:
RF Transceiver unit

Model type BMMEENPRA-004
radiator Crack waveguide array
Radiator length 150cm
Horizontal beam Angle 1.7º
Vertical beam Angle 25º
Polarization direction Horizontal polarization
Antenna speed 22±2r/m
Transmitting tube MSF1421B(L)/MAF1421B(L)/MG4004
Frequency 9410±30MHz
Rated output power 4KW
Modulation mode Field-effect transistor (FET) switch mode
Preheating time 2 min.
IF 60MHz
Tuning time Manual/automatic
Noise figure 7.5dB(2704/1704) 4.5dB(2705/2706/2707/1705/1706/1707)
Bandwidth 8 MHZ (short 1/2/3 / short short one pulse) 3 MHZ (2 / long 1 / long 2 pulse)
Transceiver exchange switch Three terminal circulator
Wind load Related wind speed51.5m/s (100 joints)

Pulse width, repetition frequency

Pulse width Repetition frequency(Hz) Range (nautical mile)
0.125 0.25 0.5 1 1.5 3 6 12 24 48 96
S1 About 1500or 2250 0.06us
S2 0.15us
S3 0.25us
M1 0.35us
M2 0.45us
L1 About 750 0.6us
L2 0.8us
VL About 375 1.6us

Display unit

Display system LCD color display
Teletron 12/15/17/20inches Rectangular LCD color display
Pixel 1280×1024(17 inches and above)
Image area diameter 180mm, 225mm, 252mm, 270mm (2704/2705, 2706, 2707)
Orientation precision <1º
Minimum range 15 meters
Distance accuracy ≤7 meters

Working conditions:

Vibration Vibration frequency(Hz) Amplitude (mm)
1-12.5 ±1.6
12.5-25 ±0.38
25-50 ±0.1
Environment temperature Transceiver unit -25~+60℃
Display unit -10~+50℃
Humidity Related humidity 95% (±40℃)
Power consumption 10.2-40DVC≤80W AC220V/50Hz (with rectifier)

Compass safe distance:

compass Standard compass Driving compass
Display unit >0.8meter >0.6meter
Transceiver unit >3.1meter >1.75meter

RF Transceiver unit outline

Engine box outline-FN BMMEENPRA-004

Keyboard outline


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