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Marine anemometer BM-FSFX


Signal output Current signal Voltage signal RS485/232 Interface output
Signal output mode 4~20mA 0~5V or 1~5V RS485/232 (Can match the software)
Working voltage DC12V/24V/5V±10%
Response time <1S
Input voltage AC220V/DC240V according to your need
Signal transmission distance >1km
Wind speed 0 ~ 60m/S or customized according to user requirements
Wind speed /wind scale Can display change of wind speed and wind
Wind direction 16 or 32 azimuth direction
Measurement precision ±3%
Environment temperature E: - 40~ 85 ℃ (common)
Display The double color LED display (24 hours without compensation light)
Alarm control Can be arbitrary set alarm value and control output parameters

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