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Marine Speed Log BMMEENPSL-001

Can be used to ship navigation mileage record for all kinds of ships.

1. Measuring speed and distance with acoustic correlation principle
2. High accuracy speed sensor with built-in micro-processor reliable operation in both salt and fresh water
3. Providing speed through water and speed assistant speed over ground
4. Log system comparing of master display, electronics unit and transducer
5. 7 ports output date of speed and distance ,4 ports output 200 pulses
6. Transducer installed with tank of valve

Technology & Parameters:

Operating Principle Acoustic Correlation
Operation Frequency 4.5MHz
Power Supply 24VDC, AC220V(ELC)
Speed Range 0-40 Knots
Speed Accuracy 0.2 Knots 2%
Distance Accuracy 0.2 nm
Total Distance 0-99999.9 nm
WT/BT Selection Selected by Key
Trip/Total distance selection Selected by Key
Date Input (NMEAO183) Speed over Ground VTG
Date Output (NMEAO183) Speed /distance VBW,VLW
Pulse Output (NMEAO183) 200 pluses/nm
WT Calibration Calibrated 50-150%
DEMO Function Using DEMO Key
Dimming With Dimming Key
Mater Display Dimension 160×160×62.5mm
Master display vertical installation:

Master display embedded installation:

Electronics unit installation:

Sea bottom valve installation:


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