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Marine Speed Log JD-5M

Technology & Parameters:

Type Marine Speed Log JD-5M
Power 220± 5% ,50Hz 80W
Speed ​​measurement error ± 0.2's Day, an incremental level 0.1
Speed ​​measurement range -10 - +40day
Speed, driving away from the repeater accuracy Synchronous
Interface Type The contact closed 200 pulses / NM (active and passive
Serial port NMEA0183 line with international standards
Speed Baud rate is 4800, broadcast transmission, 1 / S
Other Provides RS-485 interfaces to the VDR
The meter instrument supporting table
No. Name Type Quantity Protection type
1 Main Instrument ZY-5M 1 IP22
2 Repeater instrument CS-5M 1
3 Planar sensor CG-3 1
4 Bottom valve PQF-5 1
5 Junction box JX-5M 1

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