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Marine Portable Anemometer BM3

The instrument is small volume, light weight, complete functions, which can be widely used in agriculture and forestry, environmental protection, Marine, scientific investigation and field survey atmospheric wind parameters.


Product description:
BM3 portable wind instrument wind speed measurement part adopts the microcomputer technology,
can simultaneously measure the instantaneous wind speed, instantaneous wind scale average wind speed,
the average wind scale and corresponding wave higher parameters. It has the data latch function,
easy reading. The wind direction part adopts automatic north loading device, measurement without artificial to north,
simplify the measuring operation. The instrument for precision instrument,
equipped with advanced aluminum alloy portable instrument box (shape: 300 * 200 * 160), for instrument provides good protection,
at the same time, easy to carry.

Working principle:
Wind direction part: The wind vane, wind scale (magnetic compass) etc,
wind direction and value by wind pointer in the wind scale position to determine.
Wind speed part: The traditional tricyclic rotating frame structure,
the instrument with the chip in the wind speed sensor output frequency sampling,
calculation, and finally instrument output instantaneous wind speed, a minute average wind speed, instantaneous wind scale,
a minute average wind level, average wind speed and the corresponding wave height.
Measured parameters in the liquid crystal display with digital display directly.

Technical parameters:

Wind speed technical indicators Measurement range 0~30m/s
Start wind speed 0.3m/s
Measurement accuracy ±(0.3+0.03v)m/s(v indicating wind speed)
Wind speed parameters The instantaneous wind speed, the average wind speed, instantaneous wind scale, average wind scale,and the corresponding wave height.
Display resolution 0.1 m/s (wind speed), 1 level (wind scale) 0.1 m (waves)
Wind direction technical indicators Measurement range 0 ~ 360 degrees, 16 bearing
Start wind speed 1.0m/s
Measurement accuracy ± 1/2 bearing
Wind set north Automatic
Work environment Temperature -10~45℃
Humidity ≦ 100% RH (no condensation)
Power supply 3 V (3.4 ~ 2.68 V) 5 cell 2
Size and weight Size 410 x100x100 cubic millimeter
Weight 0.5kg

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