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Marine Speed Log BMMEENPSL-002

BMMEENPSL-002 is the fourth generation sound related log, used to measure the relative speed of water.

BMMEENPSL-002 including sea valve, sonde (TRU), electronics unit and display unit, provides standard IEC61162 - l (NMEA O185 two hundred pulse signal output and optional analog voltage output.

1. The world's most advanced acoustic related technologies
2. In the corresponding range can make agile accurate scale reading
3. 32 mm diameter of the probe in the maximum extent reduced the bottom part of the installation work
4. Bottom installation device can be widely compatible YuKangShi water SAL Imcor and SAL R1 before all kinds log products
5. A variety of different types and kinds of bottom parts can be excellent applied to ship the existing reconstruction,
or even making sea change operation and maintenance.

Technology & Parameters:

Effective distance Under the sonde 130mm
Frequency 3.840 and 4.196MHz
Speed range ±50knot
Speed accuracy <0.1kont or <1%
Distance accuracy <1%
Minimum depth Under the sonde 3 meter
Electronics unit BMMENGSL-01
Unit code 703800
Speed output IEC61162-1(NMEA0183) maximum 100Ω=10SD displays
Simulation speed output 1×0.1VDC/knot (maximum load 5mA)
Pulse speed output 200p/NM
Status output One way Loss of electrical contact output
Display power Maximum 3 SD displays
Power requirement 230/115VAC 50-60HZ
Rated power 30VA
Work condition IEC 60945
Size 360(±30)×360×170mm
Weight 10.5kg
Color RAL7032
Main display
SD4-3 Digital display Voyage and total mileage accumulated
Unit code 704043
Size 144×144×16mm
Weight 0.6kg
Sonde (TRU R1)
Size 32mm×160mm
Sonde (TRU R1 ) 30 meters cable
Unit code 705050
Weight 3.7kg
Sonde (TRU R1) 40 meters cable
Unit code 705051
Weight 3.9kg
Bottom device
MSSBSV Single bottom valve
Unit code 71-21540-00
Weight 24kg
MSDBSV Double bottom valve
Unit code 71-21560-00
Weight 24.2kg
MSSB Single bottom installed flange
Unit code 71-21520-01
weight 20.1kg

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