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Wind Speed Alarm


Type TYQ-01
Starting speed <0.3m/s
Measuring range ±0-70m/s
Resolution 0.1m/s
Accuracy ± (0.3 +0.03 V) m / s
Sampling time < 1 second (automatic cycle sampling)
Display: digital display, can switch the display wind speed and grade
Alarm a short beep and the red light flashes
Output relay switch
Power supply 220VAC50Hz (can be customized according to user needs)
Working environment Temperature : -50 ~ 80 ℃; Humidity: 0% ~ 95% RH
Host Dimension 165 * 82 * 52
alarm relay output capacity 1A/220VAC

(1) Using high brightness LED digital display wind speed and wind;
(2) Has a black and orange two kinds of wind speed sensors are available;
(3) Built-in multi-protection features, the system is stable and reliabl
(4) wind gauge sound and light alarms


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