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Marine Anemometer BM2

The instrument can be widely used in meteorology, Marine, environment, airports, ports, laboratories, industry and agriculture and transportation, etc.


Product description:
BM2 wind instrument by wind speed sensor, the wind sensor and intelligent data acquisition instrument structure, is used to measure and record the atmosphere wind speed and direction of the meteorological instrument.
Data acquisition instrument used for acquisition and record wind speed, wind direction value;
Built-in large capacity FLASH memory chip can be automatically.

Wind speed, wind direction measurement precision is high, the system is stable and reliable;
Great capacity data storage, most can store 50000 a meteorological data (data record interval can be in 1-240 minutes between Settings);
Communication interface humanization design, a variety of communication methods (cable or wireless) according to need to choose any
Powerful PC software, convenient remote monitoring and meteorological data processing analysis;
Structure design is rational and scientific, and easy installation.

Technical parameters:

Name Wind speed sensor Wind direction sensor
Measurement range 0~70m/s 0~360º
Precision ±(0.3+0.03V)m/s ±3°
Resolution 0.1 m/s
Starting wind speed ≤0.5m/s ≤0.5m/s
Working environment Temperature -60℃~80℃ Temperature -60℃~80℃
Humidity ≤100%RH Humidity ≤100%RH
Acquisition period 1~240min
Storage capacity Article fifty thousand
Working temperature -20-60℃

With support installation drawing:


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