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Marine Track Autopilot BMMEENPAP-002

BMMEENPAP-002 course adaptive steering apparatus can be widely used in large, medium and small ship hydraulic steering gear control system, which can realize the ship course automatic control.

1. With full digital design, system scalability and maintainability is strong
2. Control system is composed of high reliability of industrial computer, big screen touch LCD display component
3. Operation was used by the video menu mode, the operation is convenient, intuitive
4. The product conforms to the IEC60945, IEC61162, ISO11671 norms, with CCS certificate

Main technical parameters:
Course stability: Calm waters not greater than 1 ºcourse
Track stability: Speed ≥ 6 kn, 4 level under the sea, track stability is not more than 0.2 n.mile
Steering mode: automatic, following-up, simpleness, remote
Adjust control parameters: Ship KT parameters, weather, sea situation, speed, loading
Input signal: Electric compass, magnetic compass, GPS, log, electronic chart
Output control: Electromagnetic valve or torque motor
Output signal: Conform to the standard of IEC61162 VDR interface information

System supporting plan


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