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Dual rudder autopilot

Technology & Parameters:

Type Dual rudder autopilot
Power AC380V,50Hz;220V,50Hz;DC24V
A:three –phase 380V, ±5%
C:DC24V,3A,+10% ~ -10%
Steering With the move, manual and automatic
steering precision ≤1º
Ineffective area 0.5 º ~ 2 º adjustable;
Steering mode ±40º
Solenoid valve parameters DC24V, rated current ≤ 3A
Other DHART mode can double pump
No. Name Type Quantity protect Remark
1 main instrument Vertical DD101-ZT 1 IP22 Embedded devices need to install the wheel
and two manual DD101-DL
Embedded DD102-ZT2G
2 1 # pump start box SC9-K 2
3 2 # pump start box SC10-K 2
4 Steering gear alarm box CKD-4 2
5 Feedback rudder angle transmitter DD101-WK 2 IP56
6 Automatic feedback transmitter RF45 1

Alarm range :
power power failure, overload, phase failure, power failure control, low oil level, oil temperature, oil filter blockage, the pressure difference, compass failure, two servos are dual; and with alarm test function and automatic reset function after silencer


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